Astrology Forecast for June 2011


Compass. This June, the process of change hits those things we base our major life decisions on. The rules of the game, rules we thought were eternal, will start changing, too. The world around us will start working differently than it did. The level of flux will reach startlingly high levels. And it won’t go back to the way it was. Much of this will strike many of us as a relief, even if it is unsettling. If you chose your goals carefully enough in the first place, they’re still good. Just change the way you go about achieving them, even if the ground is moving beneath your feet. Change your tactics, not your goals.



Clearing. Sometimes we try to work out new plans using old ideas and nothing works. Worries overwhelm creativity. Circumstances can lock us into old patterns. In June, all of the above changes. Insights will dawn. Worries will subside. Circumstances will open up. But you could be surprised with the direction things take. Rather than immediate concrete results, you will experience a deepening understanding of your goal and the means necessary to achieve it. You’re still in an expansive cycle and you should soon see an increase in disposable income.


Tremors. Economic changes now taking place are completely out of your control, of course. You can only do so much to protect your assets. Countless changes, large and small, are also taking place at work. They have you worried, a bit. Things are surprisingly fluid. There’s nothing imaginary about your concerns. However, you’ve just begun a new cycle of personal growth and financial expansion. One way or another, these changes will work strongly in your favor. The planets also offer support with current plans and ongoing issues.


Combat anxiety. The future is coming on fast and it isn’t at all clear where things are headed. Your personal and professional lives are being directly affected, more so than those of other people. Events will soon clarify issues and weed out unrealistic possibilities. Your decisions and determination will play a critical role in shaping events and determining the direction of your life. It’s especially important to be realistic. But “realistic” does not mean “pessimistic.” Be mindful of the healing, uplifting processes now at work in your mind.


Flow. Recently your characteristic reliance on emotion and intuition has been producing mixed messages and conflicting impulses. It was getting really hard to navigate, especially in these complicated times. But you can start trusting emotion and intuition again. That will help reduce your growing alienation from those in power, among other things. Powerful new feelings will soon rise to the surface, removing blocks, expanding your horizons and setting clear, new directions. You can move past deadends you thought you’d reached. Any financial constraints you have been experiencing will also ease.


Grounding. Leo’s big ego, their love of drama, especially drama with them at the center, could be all that holds Leos together when they’re hit by a big cosmic disintegrator ray. Otherwise, waves of unfamiliar feeling, unusual ideas and major changes in the lives of people who are important to you might prove overwhelming. Your famous ability to thrive amidst drama will help you hold things together for everyone. Idealistic friends can provide vital support and guidance. You will need to adopt a more realistic, disciplined approach to finances, long-term.


Decoding. Things will soon get even more complicated. Discussions will have a subtlety that only a Virgo could love. But you will not only be in harmony with extraordinarily complex and rapid currents of change, you are uniquely qualified, and inclined, to grapple with the issues. And you will have access to higher ups. This is Virgo’s moment to shine. Keep in mind, though, it will take a lot of time and hard work to achieve the goal. The rewards could be spectacular . . . over time. Careful spending softens financial bumps.


Economic threshold. Avenues that were blocked will soon open. Brand new paths will emerge, too. However, very little will be straightforward. You’ll need clarity to sort through the possibilities, freedom to maneuver, and endurance. Take advantage of any opportunity to put old issues permanently behind you; free yourself to pursue new possibilities. The planets indicate long-term financial gains and the possibility of debt relief. They stress the importance of eliminating a debt burden if the opportunity arises. Small local projects have far-ranging potential. Eccentric or erratic associates need to show more restraint.


Tough love. Scorpio usually prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. However, you could find yourself speaking out in tight spots and delicate situations. You could even surprise yourself by speaking in support of those you once opposed. Often, it could be a matter of warding off financial difficulties. You are increasingly dependent on cooperation and partnership in financial areas. For that to work, you’ll need to clear some things up. Be sure to choose your words carefully. There’s a possibility of open conflict.


Realignments. The planets are shifting power in favor of Sagittarius. Increasingly, events and decisions will go your way. Also, people are taking a generally more thoughtful, Sagittarian approach to issues. You might need to speak up in defense of friends in the work place, especially where finances are concerned. People will acknowledge the importance of what you have to say, but you will need to tread lightly. Issues are more complex than they appear and you could step on someone’s toes unintentionally. Nerves are frayed and an incident is possible.


Grace. Events related to work and health will push your priorities inward. They will gradually shift in the direction of deep psychological healing and self-cultivation. The increasingly complex and fluid nature of the world around you will strengthen this tendency. So will strains in key relationships, at home and in your professional life. These potentially daunting challenges will be made easier by a spirit of camaraderie and playfulness and the strength you derive from your own inner discoveries. Good luck and helpful coincidences will lend a hand, also. Financial strains ease.


Home sweet home. Many people you see on a daily basis are in some kind of turmoil. Some in troubled relationships are going through just plain weird stuff. People’s living and working arrangements are in flux, too. There’s no end in sight. Maintaining a calm, stable, secure home base is essential. It’s your prime refuge and source of strength. It is the basis of your success in the world. You need to be especially careful about whom you invite in during the current cycle. You might need to tighten your budget.


Calm words. Pisceans feel the full emotional force of the turmoil others are now experiencing. You see the long-term implications of these turbulent changes, too. Your response to events will be very influential. So it’s important for everyone that you respond calmly and reassuringly. Suppress the urge to scold or blame, especially at work. Recently, someone has been making irrational, downright loopy moves that seriously affect your cash flow. A moderating influence will start bringing this situation under control. Community involvement is particularly uplifting and could bring economic benefits.

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