Astrology Forecast for Feruary 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Shelter from the storm. February offers a brief but very helpful lull in the action, a protected space where we can all catch our breath. It will give us a chance to adjust to all the big changes that just went down and make plans for the future. There is a lot of luck and inspiration going around. Excitement will be in the air. An awareness of challenges ahead will mix with a strong sense of emerging opportunities. There is one big catch. We have to be doing something new. We need to toss out old ideas, and forget old ways of getting things done. And we especially have to be straight with ourselves and each other. No tricky stuff right now.

ARIES ~ Respite. You have some challenging issues to tackle. However, February offers a short break in the action. You can safely pause to regroup. A supportive, healing force is at work deep in your psyche. Profound and helpful insights will arise. You will see evidence of a guiding, invisible hand. The immediate need is to find ways to help and heal others in need without overextending yourself, or destabilizing your own situation. The planets become increasingly supportive as 2010 progresses. You will soon become an agent of change wherever you go.

TAURUS ~ Maturity. There will be a welcome lull in the pace of events. You’ll have time to think and make much needed adjustments and to plan your next move. However, you’ll see gaps between what you feel is necessary and what others seem willing to do. You need to push your limits in order to convince others to push their limits so everybody can make ends meet. Getting people to go that extra mile is more important than you realize. Your words and example are more persuasive than you realize, too.

GEMINI ~ Inconvenient truths. Many will only see how easy this month seems and go back to business as usual. You, however, are aware of the continuing urgency of the situation and the challenges that must soon be met. But you can’t go it alone. You need the earnest cooperation of others. You also need to work hard to keep the confidence of superiors. Your intuition is running on high. Your ability to inspire is enhanced. These are your most important assets in the battle against complacency. Budgets could continue to tighten.

CANCER ~ Conflicting signals. February is a safe time to alter financial priorities in line with changing conditions. Some risk factors are definitely diminishing. There is a promise of greater stability down the road. But it is clear that lifestyle adjustments will be needed to cope with the situation and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Intuitive insights and inspiration could be eerily accurate, and helpful. Integrate healing and self-nurturing activities more completely into your life. Don’t allow a clever and manipulative higher up to cause trouble in financial or work areas.

LEO ~ Swept away. Many are trying (some desperately) to patch together a workable lifestyle after recent upsets. You have the magic touch. People are naturally struck with helpful insights when they are around you. They suddenly understand what they must do next. As an added bonus, these people can help you get your personal stuff together. A supportive, protective influence will affect financial and health issues for the better part of this year. Relationships will flourish in ways you wouldn’t have predicted and can’t control, but which you will thoroughly enjoy.

VIRGO ~ Overcome self-doubt. Success depends increasingly on partners and professional associates. However, you are not sure which partners you prefer, or which associates would prefer you as a partner or accept an overture from you. The answer might be to turn the tables. Express your ideas and your ideals and see who supports them. You need to steel yourself against the risks and uncertainties of speaking out, too. An unruly influence is transitioning into financial and wellness areas for a lengthy stay. Be ready to avoid potential problems in these areas.

LIBRA ~ Fix the small stuff. Impatience for a more comfortable lifestyle could make you overextend at a time when energy is low. Big changes are not possible now. Tend to details. Refine your personal goals. Resolve energy-draining issues at home or at work. Shed responsibilities that are not really yours. Avoid those who won’t carry their own weight. Working on such minor issues will bring dramatic insight and surprising improvements. A disruptive influence will soon stop affecting your work and family affairs. This will help you as you strive for a better work/life balance.

SCORPIO ~ Conditional acceptance. Minor flirtations, casual social encounters and chance meetings can now seem surprisingly complicated and highly charged. They can stir deeper emotions than you would have expected. As alluring as such feelings can be, such meetings could also stir feelings of caution. You are increasingly aware that your present lifestyle is enjoyable and rewarding. You are also successfully working through some important, subtle and delicate issues. Those who don’t understand your lifestyle could prove disruptive if you do not lay the groundwork for new relationships properly. Boundaries are good.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Charisma. Inspiration and eloquence are running high. Others will notice. Don’t be surprised if you receive formal recognition for your achievements. But you also have some serious matters on your mind. You feel inclined to use your persuasive talents to help others in your life who are struggling with change – to encourage and guide others through these difficult days. Idealism aside, learning to work constructively with the powerful forces changing everyone’s life could enhance career prospects. Budgets might tighten temporarily, but opportunities for innovation and expansion will soon increase.

CAPRICORN ~ Standoff. Much of your life is moving along nicely. But in areas where your life intersects with the community the issues are growing complicated. Issues seem to multiply as you try to solve them. Still, your instincts are especially good now and your inclinations are in harmony with the times. You might have to settle for delays and standoffs in some cases. Despite the obstacles, you will achieve much by reaching out into the community, for yourself and the community. Don’t be manipulated into spending money you don’t want to.

AQUARIUS ~ Overstimulation. A lot of the energy that is helping people cope in these difficult times is coming from Aquarius’s part of the Zodiac. These energies are driving major social and political trends. Your own mind is brimming over with ideas. You do have many powerful allies helping you get the message out. Still, this amounts to a big drain on your personal resources. All things considered, Aquarians could do with extra quality downtime these days. A supportive and protective influence has begun helping you expand your income.

PISCES ~ The whole nine yards. Everything’s on the table – life, love, friendship, career, happiness. You have a darn good chance to make a clean sweep. You’ll need to get a lot of different and difficult things right for a long time to cash in. But the odds are strongly in favor of success. A challenging and disruptive influence is moving out of your sign after a long stay. A supportive and protective influence is now solidly in your corner, kicking off a lengthy, profitable cycle of personal growth and development.

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