Astrology Forecast for February 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ Unknown unknowns. It will seem as if everything is changing at once. At the same time, our ability to make sense of of things isn’t working like it should. The future won’t settle, or fall into familiar, recognizable patterns. There is time for experimentation and a few wrong turns, though. The best approach is to stick to those things you absolutely know are true and do those things you absolutely know must get done. It’s okay to be a little reckless with what’s left over.


♈ ARIES ~ Not yet. Aries is dealing with weighty burdens. You’ve lost old allies. Even very close friends have weighed heavily as they made important adjustments in their lives. Employees, family and others who depend on you are asserting their independence in awkward ways. Some are striking out on their own. Authority figures are limiting your choices. Before they lift these burdens, though, the planets need you to re-imagine your own possibilities. Take a playful approach. Children and the young will help show you the way.

♉ TAURUS ~ New pathways. Financial momentum will surge modestly, but noticeably and reliably. At the same time, you will see attractive new possibilities for the future. New ways to achieve financial or other, long-held goals will reveal themselves. Personal relationships will be a concern. New friends will be more adventurous than old ones, but they will also require greater freedom. Don’t allow old relationship problems to hurt the growth of new friendships. Let them be part of the healing process. Others do share your concerns.

♊ GEMINI ~ Pathfinding. New possibilities are causing wild speculation. You know the possibilities are real and it’s necessary to do something new. But resources are limited, the road to success will be long, and unintended consequences are inevitable. Offer guidance, but don’t frustrate those who follow their heart or imagination rather than reason, per se. That will include some people in charge. You’d do better by just listening to people, however disorganized their thinking. Saying too much, no matter how reasonable, will only worsen the confusion.

♋ CANCER ~ New boundaries. You need to guide imaginative and high-spirited people along a complex path. They might not take orders well or take quickly to your kind of reason. This will take patience and a lot of faith in the goodness of others. Luckily, your intuition is now in top form. Your intuition and their imagination and high spirits are a winning combination. To succeed, you will have to set aside some of your own deepest fears and prejudices. Honest dialogue is the way forward.

♌ LEO ~ Reality check(s). It’s time to update your skills. However, changeful and deceptive influences are affecting your financial and work life. Idealistic or speculative approaches will increase the confusion. The experts aren’t much help, either. Simplicity and practicality are your best tools. On-the-job involvement will best reveal which skills are worth developing; a hands-on approach is the best way to improve them. Your flare for drama is enhanced by heightened intuition. Others will appreciate your ability to express their concerns and illuminate their situations.

♍ VIRGO ~ Due diligence. Everything important in your life is subject to change now. The way forward is fraught with confusion. The powerful and lasting influence responsible for this changefulness is also affecting partnerships. Friends and partners will come and go with greater frequency. Expectations of you will shift constantly. Be increasingly careful what you accept as factual. You must devote more time and energy to deciding who you are and what you stand for. It’s best not to take anything or anyone at face value.

♎ LIBRA ~ Maintain boundaries. Librans are in better position to weather current turmoil than most. Financial prospects are slowly improving. But reality is catching up with many in your life. Increasingly, people will look to you for help making sense of sudden upsets in their lives. You can help make tough decisions. You can also provide balance for those considering unconventional, poorly thought out solutions. But remain a little detached. You could easily be drawn into exhausting, open-ended commitments that offer no clear benefit to anyone.

♏ SCORPIO ~ Inspire positivity. Life is now presenting everyone with a dizzying array of possibilities, some good, some scary. And attitude really will make the difference. You are uniquely well-placed to tip the scales in favor of the good possibilities. To do so, think positively yourself, but, perhaps more important, insist that others think positively. Scorpio is now beginning a lengthy cycle that puts you in harmony with mysterious and powerful forces. Mysterious forces will work mysteriously in your favor. Unusual experiences will enrich your life.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Reality check. There are powerful and challenging influences at work in the heavens. Sagittarians are being more directly affected by all of these influences than the other Sun signs. Home-life could be challenging, friendships could be over-stimulating–wildly so. It will also take greater effort than usual to keep finances on track. Don’t try too hard to make sense of events. Instead, set your priorities using simple, tried-and-true criteria and stick to them. Don’t be swayed too much by the opinions of others.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Openings. Things are becoming fluid in a good way. There is dialogue, however testy, and a pathway forward, however tentative. Stark economic realities are morphing into differences of opinion about how to proceed. You know what the limits are and you have authority. But others know what they need and want. They can also resist your authority. You’ll have to give ground. But you have advanced from a situation too desperate for politics to one in which good old fashioned politicking will bring results.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Simplicity trumps complexity. Strong but fickle financial currents could tempt you down uncertain financial pathways. If you aren’t careful it could end up costing you. Your best defense is to set simple, clear financial priorities and stick to them, no matter what. You’re also entering one of the most challenging decision-making periods in your young life, fraught with dazzling temptations and real risks. You can’t escape at least some involvement. Just color inside the lines until you can see the big picture more clearly.

♓ PISCES ~ Kaleidoscopic. There is more information about future possibilities than you can absorb and even what you can absorb isn’t necessarily reliable. Meanwhile, things continue to change. You’ll need to plan your moves one at a time, and very carefully. If you think you see a clear path forward, think again. Still, there’s opportunity to explore. In fact, most of the people you meet will be flirting with tantalizing possibilities. Explore along with them, but be careful about what you finally decide is worth doing.