Astrology Forecast for August 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Temporary future shock. As August opens, we will all realize that the future has started happening, all around us, right before our eyes. Big changes will be coming willy-nilly, like it or not, ready or not, one after another. But we will also see that these changes do need to be thought through more carefully. We aren’t ready for all of them, well-thought out or not. That’s especially true if they involve simplistic, band-aid solutions to tough, complicated, important issues. Fortunately, our express train to the future will slow down, stop and return to the station. We will all get a chance to negotiate and adapt and prepare ourselves. We can sit in familiar, comfortable surroundings again and rethink our itinerary. For a while. The express train to the future will depart again early in 2011. This time it won’t return.


ARIES ~ Step back. As August begins, work, family and partnership issues are reaching a crisis point. A painful confrontation isn’t out of the question. It might seem a small price for freedom from these aggravations. You need to resist that temptation. Tensions will ease appreciably by mid-month. The issues won’t go away, but everyone will feel more inclined to negotiate. You will also be feeling somewhat more confident in your position, more philosophical about the issues and optimistic about an acceptable resolution. Still, some difficult truths will need to be spoken.

TAURUS ~ Keep a lid on it. In early August, the emotional and mental cross-currents will be intense. Mental and physical health could be affected. Also, in relationship areas, mixed signals will be the norm. Neither you nor potential partners will be clear about what they want, or when they want it. This confusion will not keep feelings from surging anyway. Pressures will ease later in August. You should probably regard this as a crisis you must handle internally, through careful thought. Self-discipline and dedication on your work is the best approach.

GEMINI ~ Be realistic. You and many people in your life, including many in your inner circle, would be seriously affected by changes being discussed. They would require big adjustments for everyone, especially in relationships. People are understandably worried. Meanwhile, ironically, your imagination is a little too active, multiplying attractive but unrealistic possibilities. Mid-August brings relief. Spirits will rise. Everybody will calm down. Discussions will yield workable options. The need for change will remain, but the process of change will become more manageable. Avoid issues that will upset everyone without helping anyone.

CANCER ~ Forbearance. August 2010 is an especially emotional month for an especially emotional Sun sign. You will face stubborn and seemingly irresolvable conflicts. You will believe deeply that you can and must push yourself and others beyond this impasse. You might be tempted to force issues others want to avoid. If you do, you could unleash forces you aren’t prepared to deal with, yet. Be patient. Resist the temptation to be impatient and/or pushy. Everything will seem less urgent and intense by mid-month. People will be more willing to negotiate.

LEO ~ Leverage. You have a surprising degree of leverage over a surprisingly complicated and intense situation. It would be best not to follow your first impulse. That would push people farther than they’re ready to go and cost you more than you want to pay. That is, if the whole thing doesn’t just fizzle. A lot of what you want and know is needed must await a more opportune time. Meanwhile, use your considerable influence to keep things moving gently forward. Don’t focus on the darker aspects of people or events.

VIRGO ~ Stay grounded. Important people are now contemplating big changes that will affect your financial future. These ideas are scaring some people but they suggest exciting possibilities for you. You are dreaming very big dreams about the future, maybe too big. Remain realistic. A lot must be done before any of these really big ideas are implemented. And most of the radical ideas put forward in early August will quickly yield to more moderate ones. Everything, including your own speculations, should return to safer, more realistic levels before month’s end.

LIBRA ~ Stay above the clouds. You can safely ignore your worst fears. Librans are in the midst of a major life turning point. The first half of August will probably be the scariest part of the whole thing. Prospective changes will be perceived in their most extreme form. Energy will be low. Your fears will be hardest to combat. But you’ll never reach the edge of any cliffs you might be imagining. The challenges won’t evaporate overnight, but before August is out, every aspect of your situation will start looking better.

SCORPIO ~ Maneuverability. It would be hard not to notice the stresses, tensions and outright conflicts in your environment. Still, there’s always someone in these circumstances who avoids the worst and derives whatever benefits there are to be derived in a situation. This time around, that person is Scorpio. Your real challenges are internal. Intense and conflicting emotions seek an outlet. If you turn these emotions into determination you can shape the situation in a way that will help everyone. Even small improvements can help people a lot in situations like these.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Patience. The moment for change seems to be here. The need seems obvious. Pressure is building. Expectations are high. But then the moment will slip away. This delay is a big blessing in disguise. Changes made now would have backfired, big time. The moment will return early next year. You’ll be better prepared then. Ongoing relationship issues will not simmer down, though. Take time alone to think things over and give each other a break from tensions and stresses. The relationship would work better generally with more space for each of you.

CAPRICORN ~ Delicate negotiations. Capricorns will be in the most complicated, tension-filled and important negotiations in recent years. The issues are tough, stakes are high, and a lot of people are involved. Your feelings will be seriously conflicted. It will be hard to stay centered. You’ll have insight into peoples’ darker secrets. You’ll see their weaknesses. And you’ll be tempted to manipulate. Don’t. Say only what you need to, and as gently as possible. You could burn bridges you’d better not burn. If you can hold your fire until mid-month tensions will ease.

AQUARIUS ~ Embrace delay. This seems like the time to make a move. But key relationship and financial matters are tied up in endless rounds of decision-making. A hundred different decisions by any of the key players could seriously affect your plans. Second-thoughts are multiplying, some are serious. Resistance is developing. Increasingly, the process has a reckless feel. To succeed you need to cement key relationships. For that you need to make tough trade offs. Everyone just needs more time. You’ll all get that time. Delay is everybody’s best friend right now.

PISCES ~ Revisiting. Recently you took yourself out of an old and familiar setting, suddenly and irreversibly. Mentally, emotionally and otherwise, you got more than you bargained for. The planets are returning you, temporarily, to familiar mental and emotional ground to reconnect – to integrate the new you and your new situation with the old. You must make some tough and real commitments to people and things you unceremoniously left behind. You’ll need these connections to your old life in the future. If you don’t reconnect you could find yourself uncomfortably adrift.

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