Album Review: Soultru & Progeny — Soultru & Progeny

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Soultru & Progeny

Soultru & Progeny

The “i” in hip hop could represent innovation, idealism, even pure intellect. I may have to declare that by the end of 2019 it will stand for Iowa.

Soultru is a hip-hop artist from Davenport who has recently collaborated with producer Erick Progeny for a self-titled album that takes you on a joyous but tragic ride through his memories, relationships and growth. Record label Fake Four, Inc. was started in 2004 and has created a large platform for artists to showcase music. Soultru and Progeny’s project is the first release of Fake Four’s yearly pay-what-you-can campaign “FREECEMBER.” Released Dec. 7, 2018, you can donate at Fake Four’s Bandcamp or buy the cassette (with two bonus tracks) for $8.

A round of applause to the producer Progeny for giving us soulful yet electronic hip hop. There is a constant battle on this record to remember that the songs’ lyrics are of deep reflection, because you’re jamming the whole time. From the layered vocals to the fade outs, you’ll repeat the songs over again just to make sure you appreciated both.

Revenge is hidden throughout the album’s lyrics as Soultru examines past relationships that didn’t end well. While understanding he is alone, he is still happy to be learning from his experiences. Soultru reveals the honesty we hide from our day to day but look forward to in music. His lyrics illustrate faults as well as finding the beauty they reveal in relationships.

All cards are laid on the table when Soultru makes it clear he isn’t one to be messed with. “Dead Breeze” brings a windy walk in the park with lyrics of proclaiming faith and pursuing dreams despite previous situations. “Creature” opens up with, “In a basement in Iowa …” and his persistence is instantly felt. This song calls out the public for not allowing him to be free and even reveals how he copes with this reality.

Music allows us to be honest with the politics of the mind and the world. We need strong artists that call out social structures and also reveal parts of themselves not even understood. The lyrics of this album bring all insecurities to the light and even suggest ways to reconcile. The new year is all about hip hop healing, and it starts with being honest with oneself while living towards growth. Soultru, who posted an inspirational picture on Instagram just a day after this joint release celebrating ending the year with over 1,000 streams on Spotify and plays in at least 10 countries, embodies both.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 255.

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