A Pretty Lights Music original: Michal Menert to play Saturday at Gabe’s

Michal Menert
Born in Poland and raised in Colorado, Menert eventually became Pretty Lights Music’s first signed artist.

Michal Menert w/ KeepLove, Rotary Club, Mister Whiskers

Gabe’s – Saturday, November 9 at 9 p.m. ($10-15)

This Saturday, electronic music producer Michal Menert is set to fill Gabe’s with his signature blend of airy and melodic tunes. A veteran of the now-booming electronic music industry, Menert has been releasing music for over a decade, both under his own name and serving as a producer for numerous big-name acts.

After meeting and befriending Derek Vincent Smith, the man behind EDM-giant Pretty Lights, Menert produced Smith’s debut album Taking Up Your Precious Time in 2006. He was subsequently signed to Pretty Lights Music label as its first musician and began pursuing solo work shortly thereafter.

Menert’s influence continues to shine through on Pretty Lights’ recent releases, and parallels drawn between the two are certainly justified, given their history of collaboration. Both producers are at their best hidden behind endless layers of hooks and grooves, all of which blend together under a kick beat that derives from their background creating hip-hop music.

Perhaps not quite as theatrical as some of Pretty Lights’ music, Menert favors a more balanced approach, letting his tracks build in a slow-forming manner and never quite reaching the “peak” we have come to expect from the mainstream explosion of EDM (a.k.a. the “bass drop”). Instead, Menert’s expertise lies in his ability to draw from a seemingly endless range of influences and manage to retain a semblance of identity and modern flair.

Menert particularly shines in his use of recurring vocal excerpts coupled with jazz-type horn sections all driving along to a steady beat, thus creating a piece that feels like an upgrade for the music of yesterday. The substance is in the surprise; be it a flute, classical guitar, or uncharacteristic time signatures, Menert keeps his listeners craving something new. This Saturday, listeners may expect to groove to sounds they never thought they could.

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