A-List: The Tanks Record Release – 2/17/2012 – Gabe's

The Tanks w/ Jabberjosh, Los Voltage // Friday, Feb. 17, 10 p.m. // Gabe’s

Have nothing planned between Valentine’s Day and Sunday Feb. 19, the night of WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view? And were you just planning on spending Valentine’s Day home alone anyway, eating a quart of Blue Bunny and watching Maximum Overdrive? And do you like headbanging?

Local bass/drum/vocal power trio The Tanks have been around town since 2004, playing rhythmic, loud, riff-heavy rock that’s reminiscent of a lot of heavy indie rock from the late-‘80s/early-‘90s (e.g., KARP, Unsane or Jesus Lizard). They’re too heavy for the epicene indie-rock blog circuit, and too into pro sports and WWE for the experimental/noise crowd (in the liner notes of their previous album, 2008’s Keep Breaking Down, they included the first names of all the WWE McMahon family in the “thank you” section).

The Tanks are definitely having fun. Singer Kevin Koppes has done at least one show in character as a Slavic physical fitness enthusiast, and used to regularly dress like a bear. But that silliness is buttressed by his thoughtful lyrics and some serious-as-shit musicianship from bassist Adam Luksetich and drummer Joe Ross. Like the gifted class clown/slacker from high school, you sometimes wonder if The Tanks put up a silly front in order to distract people from realizing how smart, talented and well-honed they are.

They’ve been doing what they do for a long time and doing it really well. A new Tanks release comes about as often as a cicada cycle, and they’re careful not to overplay locally. So go to Gabe’s, jump around, have fun and buy their new LP. In support are the excellent local punk group Los Voltage, and Jabberjosh. This will be more awesome than whatever else you had planned for Friday, Feb. 17.

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