2018 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) guide for the Iowa City area

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Echollective Farm is located in Mechanicsville.

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, allows community members to purchase shares, or memberships, with area farms. Community contribution early in the season lets farmers properly gauge the community’s needs for the coming season, and community members receive CSA shares of farm-fresh product, without paying the overhead required by retail sales. If you might be interested in participating in a CSA, many farmers require commitments early in the season; you are encouraged to contact area CSA farms as soon as possible, for more information and to purchase shares.

Abbe Hills Garden

Mt. Vernon

Contents: Vegetables, eggs
Season: Late May through the middle of October
Distribution: Mt. Vernon

Ambleside Farm


Contents: Vegetables, greens, melons, pasta
Season: Year-round
Distribution: Monticello, Dyersville, Dubuque

Bass Family Farms

Mt. Vernon, IA

Contents: Vegetables, fruit, herbs
Season: April/May through November
Distribution: Cedar Rapids, Mt. Vernon, Iowa City

Bountiful Harvest Farm

Solon, IA
319-512-644-1623 or

Contents: Fruit, vegetables, eggs
Season: May through October
Distribution: Iowa City, Solon

Ebersole Cattle Co.


Contents: Beef
Season: Year-round
Distribution: Iowa City, Des Moines



Contents: Vegetables, melons, herbs, herbal tinctures and salves
Season: Varying packages available year-round
Distribution: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Quad Cities

Family Farm CSA

Iowa City

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Contents: Vegetables, fruits, herbs
Season: Late May/early June through mid-September
Distribution: Iowa City and Solon

Garden on the Prairie


Contents: Vegetables, fruits, herbs, hops, beef, dairy, eggs, honey, syrup, jams and jellies
Season: Early May through early August
Distribution: Tama

Given Gardens


Contents: Vegetables, herbs, flowers
Season: June through October
Distribution: Cedar Rapids and Decorah

Grass Run Farms


Contents: Beef, pork
Season: May through September
Distribution: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Coralville

Grinnell Heritage Farm


Contents: Vegetables, herbs, greens
Season: Year-round
Distribution: Grinnell, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iowa City

Hue Hill Farm

Iowa City

Contents: Bread, herbs, vegetables, eggs, chicken
Season: Late April through December
Distribution: Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

Kroul Farms

Mt. Vernon, IA
(319) 895-8944

Fruit, Vegetables, pumpkins, firewood
Season: April through October
Distribution: Mt. Vernon, Solon, Coralville

Local Harvest CSA


Contents: Organic vegetables, bread, eggs, flowers
Season: Late April through December
Distribution: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty and Solon

Life is Sweet

Iowa City

Contents: Bread, baked goods, granola
Season: May to October
Distribution: Iowa City

Maharishi Vedic City CSA


Contents: Vegetables, fruit, herbs, greens
Season: Year-round
Distribution: Des Moines, Iowa City, Fairfield, Ottumwa, Vedic City and Washington

The Millet Seed Farm

Iowa City

Contents: Vegetables, herbs, fruits, mushrooms, ferments and cider
Season: May through November
Distribution: Iowa City

Oak Hill Acres

319-560-4826 (cell)
563-946-2304 (home)

Contents: Vegetables, greens, herbs, honey, eggs
Season: May through October
Distribution: Coralville, Iowa City, Muscatine, Quad Cities and West Liberty

Salt Fork Farms


Contents: Vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, chicken, flowers
Season: May through November
Distribution: Iowa City, Solon

Sass Family Farm


Contents: Vegetables, herbs, eggs, jams and jellies, honey, baked goods
Season: May through October
Distribution: Riverside

Small Frye Farm

Maysville | 319-936-1216

Contents: Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers
Season: April/May through November
Distribution: Quad Cities and Iowa City

Supernatural Organics


Contents: Vegetables, greens, herbs
Season: Early June through mid-October
Distribution: Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Marion

TD n’ Guy Garden Oasis


Contents: Vegetables, whole chickens, eggs
Season: Varying packages year-round
Distribution: Coggon, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Point, Manchester, Independence, Iowa City

The Little Red Barn


Contents: Vegetables, pork, beef, poultry, eggs
Season: May through October
Distribution: Vinton

Wild Woods Farm

Iowa City

Contents: Vegetables and herbs
Season: June-September, October-November
Distribution: Iowa City, Solon

Get to know: Urban Greens

Urban Greens operates below ground utilizing hydroponic gardening techniques.

Hidden away in a home on College Street, business partners Ted Myers and Chad Treloar have brought their business idea to life. Masters of hydroponic gardening, a method of growing plants without soil, in a water solvent, the pair has brought a bit of the farm to the city. Growing sprouts, micro-greens and lettuce in an unused portion of their basement, Myers and Treloar have turned an under-utilized space into a food-production facility.

Step into Urban Green’s below-ground operation and you’re greeted with a heavy wall of humidity, the unexpected fragrance of growing plant life and bright light as if you were outside on a sunny day. Their original operation was housed in a small room in the back of the basement, but recently, the business has grown and expanded into something bigger and better.

After knocking out a few walls, their modular growing system now occupies a larger portion of the basement and has allowed Myers and Treloar to scale up their operation.

Previously, the pair sold their sprouts and micro-greens directly to consumers at the Iowa City Farmers Market and to a few restaurants in Iowa City. Now, with increased production capacity, Urban Greens has expanded their offerings and taken on new clients selling their pre-packed mixes of micro-greens in grocery stores and to additional restaurant partners in the area.

Get to know: Echollective Farm

Owners Derek Roller and Molly Schintler

If you know you want local, fresh food every week and you love to cook, participating in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) makes so much sense. CSA’s are a better monetary value than simply shopping at the farmers market or buying from your local co-op, and they provide crucial support and seed money to farmers who invest many months planning and growing the food that will one day be on your plate. A CSA also helps you connect with our seasonal and local food system and assures you will have plenty of healthy produce in your diet.

Echollective is one of the many local CSA services available to consumers in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Owners Derek Roller and Molly Schintler say, “…committing to support a farmer by taking part in a CSA is the single best way to support local farmers and the local food system.”

Echollective offers customers a choice of what to include in their weekly produce box. Each week, members might get the choice of a few bundles of collards, arugula, chard or other greens, a few different bunches of parsley, mint, rosemary, chives or basil and a wide variety of other produce that may include cabbage, leeks, heirloom tomatoes, beets and sweet potatoes.

Known especially for their delicious asparagus in the spring, additional selections range from sweet heirloom tomatoes, garlic and shitake mushrooms, to colorful mouthwatering root vegetables. While you’re choosing your produce, be sure to chat with Derek and Molly for recipe ideas and learn about their latest favorite seasonal dishes.

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