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Nate Logsdon

Posted by Nate Logsdon | May 2, 2017

The debut self-titled album from the Fairfield synth-pop trio Cubits is an entrancing, haunting listen that you’ll want to hide inside of for a few days — like the blanket...

Posted by Nate Logsdon | Apr 18, 2017

Come for the harmony; stay for the melancholy. The soul-stirring Ames/Des Moines pop unit Jordan Mayland & the Thermal Detonators delivers a tantalizingly dark treat with its generous new record...

Posted by Nate Logsdon | Mar 28, 2017

“Which parking lot are we gonna live in now?” Charlie Vestal was a creature of parking lots, basements, DIY venues, skate parks, junk stores and late night song circles. His...

Posted by Nate Logsdon | Feb 14, 2017

Night Pits Last Night Forever Last Night Forever by Night Pits Writing a punk anthem is a fundamentally communitarian act. The idea is that anyone -- whether they think...