Zombie Burger in Iowa City is closing

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Debbie (l) and Harry at Iowa City’s Zombie Burger + Shake Lab. — photo courtesy of Doug Tobin

The Zombie Burger + Shake Lab in downtown Iowa City will close its doors for the last time on Saturday, Feb. 3, the restaurant’s parent company Orchestrate Hospitality announced on Friday.

“Our Shake Lab brands were built to test the Zombie Burger concept in various environments. While we thought building a Zombie Burger in the epicenter of a college town would be a slam dunk, it became clear that our high-volume, family-driven brand wasn’t a fit for the setting,” Orchestrate Hospitality President Paul Rottenberg said in a press release. “Plus, with a successful restaurant at the Coral Ridge Mall, we may have overbuilt the market.”

The Zombie Burger in Coral Ridge Mall will remain open. The Coralville location opened in November 2016. The Iowa City location opened the following month.

In October, the downtown Zombie Burger made news when half of one of its zombie mannequin mascots was stolen by drunk college students. The top half of Debbie the zombie was eventually returned.

  • 579

3 thoughts on “Zombie Burger in Iowa City is closing

    1. Yes, come to Bettendorf. Bring your chocolate mocha shakes. I’m disappointed the downtown Iowa city one closed. With such bad reviews on the mall location, im turned off on making the trip to it.
      I think the quad cities is a perfect market.

      1. There are so many people I have talked with that love zombie burger in the quad cities! PLEASE COME TO DAVENPORT/BETTENDORF!!

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