Your Village: When do the new, larger curbside recycling bins arrive in Iowa City?

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The new 65-gallon recycling cart (left, with blue lid). — illustration by Jordan Sellergren

I’m wondering if/when the larger curbside recycling bins are coming, how much they will be and where I can get them. — Roger, Iowa City, via Facebook

“The first batch [of new recycling carts] we ordered isn’t in yet,” Iowa City Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch told Little Village. “But we should have them within the next month.”

There will be approximately 700 carts in the first batch. The 65-gallon wheeled carts will replace the current 18-gallon bins. But they will only be distributed to selected customers. At least, at first.

“This first batch will be going out to what we call our ‘super-recyclers,’” Wilch said. “That’s essentially anyone who is putting out multiple recycling bins on a regular basis. There some folks who have several bins out every week, and obviously those households need a larger container.”

Wilch explained that the determination of who qualifies as a super-recycler is based on consultation with the curbside staff who collect the recycling.

“They are at the curb every day, and really know the habits of the recyclers on their routes,” she said. “There are some households that the 18-gallon bin works really well for.”

“If this first batch is really well received, and we know that there’s more demand, we do have it budgeted to order more carts. So this is part of an evaluation process to try to figure out the needs of our customers.”

There will be no charge for the new carts. “It’s already covered by the current recycling fee curbside recyclers are paying,” Wilch said.

The new recycling carts won’t be the only new carts coming to Iowa City curbs this year.

“In addition to recycling carts, we’re doing some bin purchases for our organics program,” Wilch said. “We’re ordering some 25-gallon yard waste carts, as well as some 95-gallon carts.”

“We’ll be using the same process to determine who gets the 95-gallon carts. They will go to households we know have been producing a high volume of yard waste on a weekly basis.”

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Wilch said the 25-gallon carts should be a good size for people interested in composting.

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