Younger debuts this Thursday, features members of Emperors Club and The Wandering Bears

Younger makes its debut
Younger makes its debut — photo courtesy of Younger

Look out, Iowa City, you’ve got a veritable indie-rock supergroup on your hands. Younger — featuring members of Emperor’s Club (Amanda Crosby, Rachel Sauter) and The Wandering Bears (Sarah Mannix) — are playing their very first show Thursday at 9 p.m., opening for the much buzzed about Speedy Ortiz at Trumpet Blossom.

The trio started playing together this past December, in an attempt to get out of the comfort zones they found themselves in after playing in their older bands. All three members sing, while Mannix (drums) and Sauter (guitar) picked up instruments they were less familiar with in order to push their sound in new and unfamiliar directions.

“Younger is totally different than our past projects,” Mannix said. “We are looking to make fun, experimental, catchy rock songs.”

The three are all the youngest of their families (hence the band’s name), a fact that seems to lend an irreverent rebelliousness to their music. Case in point — one of their songs has the working title of “Errrrrrrrmagerrrrrrrd,” and the band has expressed interest that they want to play with “bands who have fun with their talent and don’t take themselves too seriously.”

On top of that, they’ve coined the genre designation “gigglecore” for their sound, due to the fact that they can’t help but giggle at the end of every song.

Though they have yet to record (outside of some lo-fi demos), Younger is hitting the ground running with new material.

“We’ve been writing songs pretty quickly and are in talks to do some recording,” Sauter said. “We’ll probably do it this summer; by that time we should have a full-length album’s worth of material.”

Perhaps the best description of their sound comes from the Facebook event page for Thursday’s show — “You can say we’re new and play rock music. Or you can say our music is fostered in a nurturing environment. Also I had one hopslam and I am drunk, so there’s that.”

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