Wire: Herman Cain’s internet home for giving Herman Cain money is a mere shell of its former shell

Herman Cain
Herman Cain speaking at CPAC 2012 — photo by Mark Taylor

Here’s something that’s high on the list of stuff we missed without realizing we missed it: Thinking about Herman Cain! Remember that guy? His Sim City tax “plan?” All the lady heads he (allegedly) forced into his crotch, like the Santa Claus of sexual grossness? Uzbekibekibekistanstan, which was not even that bad compared to the time when someone asked him about Libya and he was no shit like “Libya………… oh……………………… huh, Libya…… is this real life?” What else? Probably a lot! And now this, from what’s fast becoming our favorite website, The Blaze: A fun little number about how Herman Cain’s website, which is not a TV show (but you know he was dreaming big), is basically not even there anymore. Like, it’s still there, but so is AltaVista.

One thing we learned from this article is that we have a lot more in common with Herman Cain than we thought:

CainTV follows a long line of Cain projects that never seemed to actually pan out, most of which were little more than website landing pages that solicited donations for the former candidate.

Hey, it beats winning bets with Jim Hoft! According to TheBlaze, used to be lousy with lousy videos by lousy people, but now those are all gone, and all they do now is every so often they throw up a post about the usual nonsense, like how Obama’s boot heel is everywhere, all the time, with a special emphasis on the throats of businessmen and straight people.

Because we are thorough and intellectually honest, we went over to to see for ourselves how bad it’s gotten. And you know, honestly, it looks pretty nice to us! Like, nicer than TheBlaze and WAY nicer than Wonkette, but that’s okay because steampunk DIY street cred right? What’s TheBlaze on about? Here’s a clue:

The contact phone number provided on the site doesn’t work but we filled out the online form to get official comment on that status of CainTV.

Obviously (?) TheBlaze and CainTV are engaged in a Wonkette vs. FishbowlDC-style internecine throwdown. Perhaps it’s a proxy fight in the war between founders Glenn Beck and Herman Cain over the rapidly diminishing life savings of credulous old conservatives. Hey you guys! Leave some for Sarah!

By Alex Ruthrauff