Health: Will Work For Food

Alright, I have a confession to make. I’m currently taking a nutrition class and have been wandering around the site. At my age, size and activity level, I should stick to a 2000 calorie diet. (This is to maintain my current weight.) That means that after all the actual nutrients I need daily, I’m left with 265 extra calories to spend at my will on more delicious things than broccoli (like cookies). However that 265 calories drops to a measly 125 after I drink the most important nutrient my body needs (Coca-Cola).

Obviously this is quite distressing to me, but I noticed that if I increase the level of activity for the MyPyramid Plan, I get more cookie-friendly wiggle-room. Maybe that isn’t the best motivation, but it sure makes me want to work out more.

Aside from my desire to eat more sweets, I just checked out our Team Little Village page at and noticed that we have accumulated nearly 28 hours of activity in the past 20 days! I think that’s pretty sweet.