White supremacist flyers distributed on Iowa City’s north side

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National Alliance flyer distributed on Iowa City’s north side on June 10, 2019. — Jav Ducker/Little Village

Flyers promoting the neo-Nazi National Alliance started appearing on Iowa City’s north side Monday night.

A resident out for a walk along the 900 block of N Governor Street spotted one of the flyers on the sidewalk. It was contained in the sort of clear, plastic bag used to deliver newspapers, and wrapped around an April issue of Little Village magazine (which is not distributed door-to-door, nor in plastic bags). Although that resident only saw one flyer, there were others.

“There was a call for service (19095840) last night (6/10/2019) at 5:58 p.m. regarding multiple flyers found in the Prairie Du Chein/Buresh/Oaklawn area,” the Iowa City Police Department told Little Village by email.

An identical flyer was distributed in the same manner in the Wetherby Park neighborhood in January 2018. That time, the flyers were wrapped around Davenport-based River Cities’ Reader, a free monthly newspaper.

It should go without saying, but neither River Cities’ Reader nor Little Village has any connection to the National Alliance, beyond reporting on the hate group. But both are available for free, and both add enough weight to allow the single-page flyers to be easily tossed into people’s yards.

The National Alliance is a white supremacist group founded in West Virginia in 1970. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes the group as “Explicitly genocidal in its ideology,” and notes, “NA materials call for the eradication of the Jews and other races and the creation of an all-white homeland.”

National Alliance flyer and the issue of Little Village it was wrapped around. Found on N Governor Street, June 10, 2019. — Jav Ducker/Little Village

For decades, the National Alliance was considered one of the most dangerous white supremacist groups in the country, but over the last 20 years, it has largely fallen apart. The original leadership died, new leaders fought among themselves and its membership numbers collapsed. Currently, the group does little but sell white supremacist books and paraphernalia to its few remaining supporters.

At least one of those supporters lives in the Davenport area, and Little Village has been distributed in the Quad Cities since August 2018.

James Lee Mathias has been a member of the National Alliance since 2000, according to the SPLC. He was arrested in Davenport two weeks after the flyers were distributed in Wetherby Park, when police officers responded to reports of a man putting white supremacist flyers on cars at a high school sports facility. The flyers were the same as the ones that were distributed in Iowa City in 2018 and this week.

Mathias was carrying a concealed handgun, and was arrested for possessing a firearm on school property.

It’s not illegal to distribute white supremacist or neo-Nazi literature, but ICPD does keep track of flyers like the ones distributed on the north side, according to Public Information Officer Sgt. Derek Frank.

“[T]his information will be included in our database and passed on to the FBI for their tracking purposes, as well,” Frank said.

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  • 1.3K


  1. I just found a business card promoting the same organization in the main floor bathroom of the University of Iowa Main Library.

      1. Not strong enough to engage appropriately and intellectually, only strong enough to weasle flyers around in bathrooms and alleyways. Yucky!

    1. Congratulations on your find! Lottery winners don’t have the kind of good fortune that you’ve just experienced.

  2. When i get junk mail i just throw it out. By continually giving this media attention you are just giving the group more and more attention

    1. Defending the indefensible doesn’t present a flattering image, regardless of what one’s Kleagle may say.

    2. Why wasn’t founder Morris Dees called out for his #MeToo allegations.

      “The turmoil at the SPLC comes amid the broader #MeToo movement … Ousted founder Morris Dees faced allegations of improper touching..”

      The Klepto-Krats at the SPLC have lost their credibility.

    3. I can’t imagine what it was in my comment here that caused it to be “removed due to a violation of reader comment policy.” I don’t see any reader comment policy at this site.

      As Chairman of the National Alliance I must ask if LittleVillageMag’s comment policy grants the Right of Reply to those who have been severely criticized at its public media site, using the same venue where that criticism was published? To describe the ideology of the National Alliance as “explicitly genocidal and that we “call for the eradication of jews and other races” is so factually inaccurate, that, in fairness, under time-honored Right of Reply doctrine that legitimate publishers recognize, I should be allowed to question these claims in the same venue where the criticism was published. I’m not holding my breath to be granted that right here, but at least inquisitive truth-seekers who read the original LVM smear can go to the Website that is shown on the pictured LOVE YOUR RACE “hate” flier for some balance to the story, and decide for themselves whether the SPLC is a reliable source to be quoted by anyone about anyone else, especially the National Alliance.

          1. It is poor journalism for a newspaper to quote the SPLC as an objective source of information. But why not answer the question Why did you give them an interview?

            If an informant, paid by the SPLC stole privileged information, who was responsible for allowing that person access to the information in the first place. It seems your Alliance does not protect the privacy of those foolish enough to support it.

    4. Why was the post removed? What is the “reader comment policy” in writing? When Will Williams said,


      ….there’s nothing here that would violate any policy but those of the most closed-minded echo chambers one sees so often in the large “social media” websites these days.

  3. “It’s not illegal to distribute white supremacist or neo-Nazi literature, but ICPD does keep track of flyers like the ones distributed on the north side, according to Public Information Officer Sgt. Derek Frank.”

    Well then, what is all this publicity about?

    1. Benjamin, I suspect the publicity is about whipping up Little Village’s audience to demand the criminalization of free speech (as opposed to protecting it as the federal and state government is supposed to provide for) by labeling it ambiguously as “hate.” Spearheading this charge, which LV and numerous other propagandists follow, are the Jewish Anti-Defamation League and the now discredited and heavily Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center. These self-proclaimed “experts” on “hate” would love to supply all the definitions for those kinds of laws, just as their fellow tribalists have done elsewhere in the world where tyranny now thrives.

      If LV’s audience wants to buy into that, well, I suppose that only exposes the quality of their character. Those who call the police about legal activity are either dupes of those mentioned above or support concepts such as “Thought Crimes” with malice aforethought.

  4. “Love your race.” That’s a “hate” term?

    We just had the Puerto Rican Heritage parade on the East Coast.

    Oh also, New York just celebrated LGBTQ Pride March…

    Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their heritage… except European Americans?

  5. Can someone clarify what part of this is “white supremacist”? All people should love their race. It’s very common today, though, to see lots of anti-white hate in the media and online. The wording of this article is clear evidence of that.

  6. As an expert on this particular issue, it should be noted that:

    “Mathias was carrying a concealed handgun, and was arrested for possessing a firearm on school property.”

    I wasn’t arrested, I turned myself in shortly after finding out an arrest warrant for me was in existence. Also, there is no “possessing a firearm on school property” law in Iowa. The charge was possession of a firearm on the grounds of a school. There’s a difference, as English majors and other educated people know. The matter is now before (and taken on their own initiative) the Iowa supreme court and they’ll decide if a stadium and its grounds (which have no school anywhere near it, and aren’t identified as being a part of any particular school) are the grounds of a school.

    It’s my hope that Little Village’s writers will, in the future, be more careful about facts in their scribblings for public consumption.

  7. Members of the current version of the “National Alliance ” have the right to distribute literature, even if it is the “Breck Girl” flier from years ago, that many white nationalists simply laughed at.

    Placing them in with copies of a paper such as Little Village, and throwing them on peoples driveways, giving the impression that the two are linked is dishonest.

    Those that are not interested in the flier, can simply throw it away. Those that are can research this “National Alliance.” They can find out that its “Chairman” is probation for a violent attack on a female employee, and receives taxpayer money since he claims to be mentally disabled.

    They will find that the “media director” is a convicted sex offender. The will find that if they send him any personal information, that due to the conditions of his probation, the government will have access to it.

    This “National Alliance” is a parody of the original organization that once bore this name. Its main message is “send money…don’t ask questions.”

      1. Anyone considering sending money to this “National Alliance” would be well advised to ask what their money is to be used for.

        Will Williams claims to have a “duly appointed position as Chairman,” but who is on the board of directors? :)

        What is the case number of this case the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals is to hear? The truth is, Mr. Williams was convicted of misdemeanor battery, appealed the conviction, and the conviction was upheld.

        The SPLC does not have a $500,000 endowment. It has a half billion dollar endowment, and a good deal of that is in overseas accounts. (strange for a non-profit organization). I would advise people to be cautious about sending money to a group with a “Chairman” that has such a poor sense of financial accountability.

        Will, your “New National Alliance has become such a joke that the SPLC won’t
        even pay attention to you.

        This is certainly not an issue for law enforcement to be involved in, as no laws have been broken.

        The publishers of Little Village, and other newspapers that are distributed without charge might considered calling for laws limiting the number of free newspapers one can take. One can take one copy, or a dozen copies to share with friends, but it is an infringement of the publishers right of press freedom if one takes hundreds of copies.

    1. thanks for the 411 on this douchebag. A sex offender, gets disability money from the government which he despises.. I don’t want to imagine the state of mind of this “chairman” but I even feel pity for his gasping for attention.
      He can’t help but label those organizations he disagrees with as Jewish (as if this is bad, even if true), even as he attempts to spread a message, wow.

      1. The “Chairman” of the newest incarnation of the “National Alliance” is not a convicted sex offender. He has only been convicted of misdemeanor battery served a week in jail, graduated from an anger management class, and is on probation. He receives disability money from the VA for PTSD.

        It was the “media director” that was convicted of possessing child pornography on his computer. The charges of stalking a young girl that was 9-10 at the time were rightfully dismissed, as fortunately he was caught before his “romantic” advances became blatantly sexual.

        I would seriously ask any parent asked to donate money to a group like this to think it over. I don’t advocate violence or illegal activity, but I would be tempted to punch someone right in the nose.

        Americans of European descent have every right, and lots of good reasons to organize, and work for their benefit, just as those of other races do. I also oppose ruining the environment, cruelty towards animals, domestic violence, and favor charity towards the deserving poor. I despise those that claim to support good causes, but are in reality scammers.

  8. I remember encountering the original National Alliance.

    I remember visiting gun shows, where local chapters would have tables, sell books, and have literature to hand out to those that were interested. The NA people were well dressed men and women, and were civil to all.

    This National Alliance regularly published magazines, that were sometimes interesting. It also organized public events, such as cultural festivals, which were open to the public. I visited one,
    and the food was pretty good.

    I’ve heard the founder, Dr. William Pierce speak. I might disagree with him on many issues, and consider him to have spoken as a lecturing professor, but found him to be a fascinating man with some good ideas.

    When I asked about where the money goes, I was told that local chapters used it for printing fliers, and that funds were used for purchase of radio time, printing a magazine, and maintaining property and paying a small staff in West Virginia.

    I would suggest that the individual taking copies of Little Village, packing them with cheesy fliers, and throwing them around do some real research on who he is working for.

    Perhaps, after being charged for having a firearm on school property, he should ask what money the National Alliance has sent for his legal defense. :)

  9. As for your comments about the old vs new National Alliance, you should know that Chairman Williams is rebuilding National Alliance to what it used to be under Dr. Peirce. On the subject of legal funds, all White activists realize that the national office can’t help with every little thing. If you took the time to get to know an activist or two, you might understand their mindset better. It is about the good of our people as a whole as laid out in the 14 words. My own comfort and security is second to the good of all Whites.

    1. Are you a member of the “National Alliance?” Of course you are not, no matter how much money you are duped into paying. If you are foolish enough to consider joining, you might to research how this group is incorporated, and read the by-laws. The truth is that there are no real members, only suckers that send money.

      Why don’t you get together with others, invite the “Chairman” and the “media director”to Iowa, to form a local chapter? That’s not going to happen, is it?

      Remember, that if any personal information you send goes to the “media director,” due to his conditions of probation, government authorities have access to everything on his computers, due to his conviction of child pornography possession, they have access to your personal information.

      You might value the “good of all Whites” over your own “comfort and security.” Please keep in mind that there are others that value their own wealth and comfort more then they care about anyone else, and want you to pay for it. )

      1. Yes, I am a member. I have been working with National Alliance since Dr. Peirce was Chairman. I don’t know what happened to turn you against any organization working for Whites. Your knowledge suggest you at one time were an activist. I hope you find peace with yourself, so that you can quit turning your anger to others.

  10. What’s with the highly discriminatory censorship of Will Williams’ replies on this site? And where is the so-called “reader comment policy” located at? Are there any written policies or is this just something the censors of LV make up as it goes?

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