Horoscopes for July 2008

For Everyone ~ This month brings a combination of flux and stability. We achieve a new and relatively secure status quo. This will lessen our concerns about the future. However, we will also find ourselves grappling with some things. We have a safe place to stand, but we will have difficulty integrating other people or needed resources into our situation. The important thing to remember is that we succeeded in achieving our new situation by observing certain principles. We must gain a deeper grasp of these principles and not be quick to abandon them for the sake of achieving short term personal, financial or romantic goals. Doing so could cause real difficulties.

Aries ~ Sometimes stalemate isn’t bad. If you feel overwhelmed and blocked, don’t worry. It’s going around. Family, professional and community relations are all in flux. There’s a lot of discussion but it isn’t always helpful and it isn’t always amicable. Also, the groundwork hasn’t been laid for the next stage. The thing is, you’ve arrived at a major turning point. Lots of new things are going down. Be patient. Study the issues. Make careful decisions. Your situation is actually stable and secure. You also have lots of flexibility. Expect significant progress.

Taurus ~ Share your insights. Be persuasive. The situations in which people find themselves now are very complex and there just are no quick and easy solutions. But Taureans do have special insight into current conditions. Other people would profit considerably from your advice. It may take some convincing, though. People aren’t in the mood to listen to reason and much of what you have to offer might seem new and unfamiliar to them. You should also reassure people. Despite appearances, conditions are fairly stable and no one is at immediate risk.

Gemini ~ Stay on your toes. You will probably have to make a lot of quick decisions for others. To succeed, people need to keep things on track in the midst of flux. Many who you depend on for a living will need your active assistance in a situation that no one really understands yet. And your continued success will depend on their continued success. You must help people decide quickly what goes and what stays and how to make it all fit into workable patterns. Things will stabilize as June progresses.

Cancer ~ Be yourself. Need, confusion and change are making people panicky. You’re standing near the source of the hassles and some will mistake you for the problem. You’re also standing close to the source of the answers and some will mistake you for the solution. Both are problematic. Remember what you stand for and gently hold your ground. Things will settle down mid-month. The difficulties caused by the misconceptions of others is a taste of things to come. Start concentrating on how to make others understand who you really are.

Leo ~ Don’t upset the economic applecart. A lot of stuff is going on that you can’t get a handle on. It is threatening to gum up your financial plans. The important thing is how you respond to this situation. Make gradual adjustments to your finances until you get just the right fit. Guard against impatience and recklessness born of impatience or you could find yourself with a totally out of control financial situation. Mid-month will bring calm. But your tendency toward reckless or impatient financial decisions won’t go away completely.

Virgo ~ Be careful with your new found power. Confusion will run high in July as so many people make so many changes so fast. The stars are providing some cover but there is still risk. Despite the confusion, it will be almost too easy to get your way. Where others find obstacles, you will find a path. Where others find rejection, you will find acceptance. Where others are ignored, you will have influence. Take extra care so that you don’t unwittingly short-change others or simply steamroll over their legitimate claims.

Libra ~ Keep your work-life balance. Work demands will increase significantly, threatening to take over your life. The chaotic, undefined nature of these demands will make them hard to contain. Pressing financial needs will make it tough to turn down the increased work. Also, these demands will come from high places and be re-enforced by community expectations. The effect could be disruptive of your lifestyle. Fortunately, the disturbance will be temporary. Take advantage of a mid-month lull to make changes that will help you accommodate future spikes in activity.

Scorpio ~ Bide your time. It might be hard to get your point across, at least in the early part of July. You might be moodier than usual. Also, your ability to communicate will be somewhat overwhelmed by the complexities of the situation. You need to think things through and rethink some things you thought were settled. Things will improve by mid-month. The strong forward momentum you were feeling and which seems to have slowed will return soon. Meanwhile, profit from this chance to gain deeper insight into complex personal situations.

Sagittarius ~ Be diplomatic. July’s action is at the other end of the playing field from where you stand. Key associates and authority figures may be closer to the action than you, also. Because of the direct impact on your affairs, you can’t afford to ignore what’s going on. However, none of them have as good a handle on things as they might think. The risks are greater than they realize, too. If you bring up your issues politely, they will be open to suggestion. Be tactful despite the urgency you feel.

Capricorn ~
Insist on being included. People are very busy with their own issues and you’re far from the scene of the action. They might think your opinion is irrelevant. They might also be feeling a bit testy, even panicky. However, your perspective is valuable. You also have the experience to understand what is going on. And you can make things happen for people. Later in July, when conditions are calmer, you can contribute more easily. Even so, you will probably need to hone your communication skills to get your message across.

Aquarius ~ Take the long view. You might be getting impatient with long-term financial matters or complex financial dealings. Flux and uncertainty on the job complicate things further. Avoid impulsive decisions to remedy these situations. Haste now could lead to big regrets later. You will probably just have to bide your time until things calm down on the work front and you’ve had time to think the financial stuff through. New developments will soon change your ideas about what is possible. And your inspiration will return to its usual high levels.

Pisces ~ Money isn’t always the answer. Home, family and romantic issues are causing a lot of confusion and frustration. It can be very difficult to integrate a new person into your close circle of friends and relations, especially when tight finances limit what you can do to strengthen your new relationship. Don’t ignore or underestimate the importance of spiritual or psychological insights. Using deeper inner resources will prove more effective than spending money. The present stalemate is temporary. New directions and promising new options will eventually emerge. Meanwhile, look more deeply.

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