What to Do If You Run into the Cougar

Hey yall! No journalism here, this is just a straight up press release from the ICPD. I thought you’d want to know what to do if you ran into the cougar — I’m calling him the clawston creek cougar! Rawr!

On Wednesday, September 12, 2011 at approximately 4:12 pm, Iowa City Police received a single report of a cougar walking in a small wooded area on the east side of the street in the 800 blk of S 1st Avenue near the bike path along Ralston Creek.

Animal Control and police officers responded and searched the area but did not locate the animal.

Area residents are advised to remain alert and call police immediately if they see a cougar. Following are some general safety tips:

1. Do not approach a cougar. Most cougars want to avoid humans so give the cougar time and space to steer clear of you.

2. Never run past or from a cougar as this may trigger their instinct to chase. Make eye contact and stand your ground.

3. Never bend over or crouch down, which causes a human to resemble a four legged animal.

4. Make yourself appear larger and more aggressive. Open your jacket, raise your arms and wave them slowly while speaking slowly, firmly and loudly.

Iowa City Police and Animal Control are continuing to patrol the area in response to the reported sighting.

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