Video premiere: Penny Peach, ‘Laurelz’

Stages: Penny Peach

Online—Wednesday, March 31 at 7 p.m., $5-10, Englert Theatre

Still from ‘Laurelz,’ Penny Peach.

Two weeks ago today, Penny Peach (a.k.a. Elly Hofmaier) dropped a debut EP, Brain Gamez, that you won’t want to miss. But I’m not going to steal the thunder from the full review (forthcoming). I’m just here to talk about “Laurelz,” track three on the release, which Little Village is thrilled to premiere the video for today.

Hofmaier’s voice is instantly familiar to anyone into the Iowa City scene. She often serves as an intoxicating counterpoint to Elizabeth Moen’s grounded alto; she’s the ethereal illumination for Anthony Worden and the Illuminati. Fans of her work there will not be disappointed by this track. But Penny Peach is poised to pick up a panoply of new fans, as well.

“Laurelz” is a wild mass of sludgy, Sabbath-y fun, with some weird experimental tweaks tossed in; Hofmaier even morphs her versatile vocal style into Ozzy-esque tones, fully in possession of the same skills and control as Osbourne as well. The video itself is a fuzz-fest of blurred, interference-laden clips, during which we see Penny Peach having one hell of a good time fuckin’ around.

Which, of course, is what is best about her: She’s an astute, sensitive collaborator, certainly. But when she brings her considerable skills to bear on work that’s all her own, it’s balls-to-the-wall passion and whimsy and joy that fills the listener to overflowing, no matter the subject matter. It’s no question that her influence will be felt around here for years to come.

Penny Peach closes out March with a spot on Englert Theatre’s Wednesday night Stages series. Check her out March 31 at 7 p.m.; tickets are $5-10.