Uber looking to expand in Iowa City

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Uber is already operating in more than 100 cities across the United States. – Photo by Jason Newport

Though no official announcement has been made, it appears as though Uber, the popular ridesharing company, is looking to launch in Iowa City. On September 2, Uber Technologies Inc. posted an ad for “Entry Level Independent Drivers” in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on Careerbuilder.

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Uber has also been reaching out to community members in an attempt to recruit local drivers. One Iowa City resident received a solicitation email from the company on September 16 and shared it with Little Village.

“Uber is thinking about coming to Iowa City, IA, and we’re looking for help from loyal riders like you to get started,” the email reads. In addition to providing background info about the company, the email asks its recipient to consider driving for them.

When asked to comment, the Uber was unable to confirm whether the company would be coming to the area.

“We’re not there yet, but we’re growing very quickly. We’re currently launched in 100+ cities internationally, and that list is growing all the time,” an Uber spokesperson said.

A driver sign-up page for Iowa City and Cedar Rapids exists on Uber’s website as well, but gives no indication of when or if the company is officially launching here.

KWWL reports that the company has not yet applied for a license in either Cedar Rapids or Iowa City. Additionally, Iowa City’s discussions on new taxi regulations beg the question of whether the company would even be approved for a business license.

On Sept. 12, Uber launched in Des Moines with some opposition by city officials and taxi companies in the area, reported the Des Moines Register. Those who oppose the service are largely concerned with safety of the riders, although the company does background checks on drivers.

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