Sandbox: Experiencing, Gathering, Iowa City #2


After hours in the studio I needed some fresh, cool air. The red hues all around were speaking to me. So, I decided to make my walk a study in reds — being aware of the color and letting it soak in. The annual “Tree Huggers” project had already been installed downtown. This community project is still one of my favorite things about Iowa City. I loved this one in particular because the open knitting actually brought out the qualities of the bark, allowing the elements to be in conjunction with one another. […]

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Sandbox: Zenzic Press

I have shown a lot of mixed media work so far, but at my core I am a printmaker. Even when I am working in other mediums, I think like a printmaker- in layers, with flattened perspectives, implementing varied editions, and always focusing on the ability to make multiples. I have always had a love for both printmaking and mixed media, but once I graduated I found it difficult to etch and print in my apartment (not for lack of trying though)! […]

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