Wye Oak

w. Callers Monday April 4 – The Mill – $8 advance, $10 door Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner named the band Wye Oak in remembrance of the largest white oak in the U.S., which was destroyed by lightning in 2002. Like this majestic tree, the music of Wye Oak branches and spreads, surrounding listeners with […]

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First Announcements: Mission Creek Festival 2011

The first announcement about 2011 Mission Creek Festival dropped today. It should be obvious that the Little Village staff overlaps with the Mission Creek staff, and that we have been in the past and will be forever huge cheerleaders for the Mission Creek Festival. So full disclosure: we don’t pretend anything resembling objectivity here — we’re huge fans, we’re friends, we’ve held each other’s hair while we’ve puked. […]

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