Shalisa Gladney of RVAP talks relationships, ‘consent culture’ and writing your own rules

I gave Shalisa Gladney a hug when she emerged from her office to greet me at the University of Iowa Women’s Resource and Action Center. During our conversation, much of which focused on relationships and consent, Gladney admitted she is not a hugger — I had neglected to check before going in for an embrace. But she […]

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Leveling the playing field: Women gather for a reunion game to celebrate accomplishments, recognize the work that remains

A friendly softball game in Iowa City’s Happy Hollow Park on Sunday capped off a weekend of events through the Iowa City Feminist Reunion celebrating the impact Iowa City women had on local and national culture and institutions during the mid-sixties and into the eighties. […]

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Feminist Reunion brings activists back to Iowa City to celebrate their legacies

The Iowa City Feminist Reunion is set to celebrate Iowa City’s feminist movement this weekend, with a focus on the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, a time period that boasted a lively alternative press as well as the establishment of a number of institutions that Iowa City residents continue to rely on today. […]

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