A new gourmet cookie chain is opening in West Des Moines

A Utah-based gourmet cookie chain is dropping another crumb in Iowa. Crumbl Cookies will debut a new location in West Des Moines Friday — the second Crumbl Cookie location in the metro area, with the first opening in Ankeny in […]

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The Jordan House Museum is home to art, opera, Shakespeare and Iowa history

As we celebrate the arts in this issue, it’s only appropriate to recognize a growing trend in this region. The power of unity can be used in the arts as it is in other facets of positive community growth. As […]

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Five questions with West Des Moines’ Samantha Daily, two-time ‘MasterChef’ competitor

A West Des Moines cooking enthusiast with a penchant for comfort food has found her way onto the summer’s top-rated food show, featuring award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, chef Aaron Sanchez and renowned restaurant owner Joe Bastianich — for the second […]

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