Bernie Sanders brings ice cream, Susan Sarandon to West Branch, followed by a near-canceled scrimmage at the ‘Field of Dreams’

Less than a mile from the birthplace of conservative icon Herbert Hoover, the only Iowan ever elected president, more than 300 people gathered to hear Bernie Sanders, the only presidential candidate who identifies as a Democratic Socialist. […]

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‘Bright Radical Star’: When John Brown came to Iowa

Halfway to Springdale, Iowa — a town about 15 miles east of Iowa City — on a snow-laden December evening in 1857, Owen Brown decided to journal. “Very cold night,” he wrote, “prairie wolves howl nobly.” He recounted the “hot discussion” had on the road that day: about the Bible, war, racial prejudice and abolition […]

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Gigabit internet comes to West Branch and West Liberty

West Branch and West Liberty were given a special gift this Christmas: 1 gigabit internet, one of the fastest services available. In a press release from Liberty Communications, which will launch the service in the area, General Manager Jerry Melick said, “It is 100 times faster than average broadband speeds nationwide.” The service, which Liberty calls Fusion Gig, will be available to […]

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