Election Day equality: Access is crucial for those with disabilities

Voters with disabilities can face challenges when heading to the polls, including difficulty finding transportation to polling locations, challenges accessing polling booths or filling out traditional ballots and anxieties surrounding the voting process that may discourage them from participating. But local groups in Johnson and Linn counties are working to make sure these barriers do […]

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New coalition to fight for felon voting rights in Iowa

Seventeen Iowa organizations have formed a coalition to pursue legislation and a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to Iowans with a felony conviction. Iowa is one of only four states with a permanent constitution voting ban for people with felony convictions, and one of only three states that require individuals to apply for a […]

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Felons struggle to regain voting rights in Iowa

Tracy Gryp Voting

Voting Rights For All Iowa City Public Library Room A, B, C — Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 from 7-9 p.m. Hosted by Inside Out Reentry and the League of Women Voters of Johnson County Tracy Gryp keeps a framed copy of her voting rights restoration certificate signed by Gov. Tom Vilsack in 2005. She stuck […]

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Immigrants, refugees in eastern Iowa navigate their way to the voting booth

Illustration by Marcus Parker

Shouts and cheers in a mix of French and occasional English rang out on Coe College‚Äôs Clark Field in Cedar Rapids last month as soccer players from countries across Africa vied for a goal. The game celebrated the mixture of cultures immigrants bring to eastern Iowa, but the overarching goal was to raise awareness about […]

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