Vegetable Geeks: Greens in the "home cooked" and/or "soul" tradition

A little (maybe closer to a long) while ago, my friend Eric demanded I send him recipes “so that he might be jolly.” I immediately thought of pies, but then I thought the likelihood of Eric preparing a pie was small. The reasons for this are as follows: Eric lives in New York City, where […]

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Vegetable Geeks: Rhapsody in Greens and Reds and Yellows

Hi there! Welcome to the first blog post by vegetable geeks Melody and Theresa. We are both vegetable-loving Iowa City folks who enjoy cooking and baking for the pleasure of both the soul and the tongue. We’re embarking on a three-month project to document our joie de vivre de cooking, and inviting whomever cares to […]

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