Townie Hawk: Bears Beat

After a season that began with high hopes and ended with stories of high players, people are looking elsewhere for their football fix as we enter the time of year where games have real meaning. Sure, the Hawks were invited to the Insight Bowl (motto: “Arizona is warmer than wherever the hell you’re from this […]

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Townie Hawk: Hawk Blocked

Hey Ricky, You so Fine No denying, he’s got the numbers. Ricky Stanzi is a better QB than he was last year. With just four interceptions (vs. 15 last year) and a higher completion percentage, Ricky’s made marked improvements that are worthy of respect. In his final bowl game, his senior year, he’s our man. […]

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Townie Hawk: In Defense of Fans

It’s not particularly hip to be a fan. Not that I’ve noticed, anyway. I’ve personally suffered many an eye-roll from less fanatic friends and I’ve seen fellow fans dressed in their Hawkeye garb just barely get a drink served to them in certain elite Northside establishments. I’ve felt a pang of embarrassment hearing a nearby […]

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Townie Hawk: Stay Positive

Everything about the Arizona game felt off. Thanks to an Auburn/Clemson (who cares?) overtime, most Hawk fans watching in Iowa City missed the key first possession, and the resulting blocked punt that led to Arizona’s first touchdown. How could the boys in black & gold be expected to perform without the emotional push provided by the rallying cries from the home?


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