LV Recommends: Encounter Café, an Iowa City living room serving well-crafted classics

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Encounter Café was the feeling of calm. Coffee shops are typically bustling, noisy places where orders are being called out and people are squeezing past each other to get to […]

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The Takeaway: New IC food truck South Side Street Foods serves Southwestern-style fry bread with style

When you approach the South Side Street Foods food truck, you’re likely to hear Motown pouring out of the windows. The inviting warmth of old school soul music could be a metaphor for the appeal of both South Side’s food […]

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The Takeaway: Deluxe welcomed me to the neighborhood with luxurious sweet and savory snacks

It’s a truth (nearly) universally acknowledged that buying a house you love is the cornerstone of the American dream. Often left out of that narrative is the fact that packing and moving all your belongings can be a nightmare. Rather […]

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