Iowa City Weekender – Sept 3-6

THURSDAY Lupe Fiasco | Hubbard Park (Jefferson and Madison, across from the IMU) | 8 pm | FREE SCOPE Productions, the University of Iowa’s Student Commission on Programming and Entertainment, brings us Lupe Fiasco, Grammy-winning hip-hop artist from Chicago. Be sure to make it by 6 for free food and fellowship at the pep rally, […]

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Man with a Plan

Here’s what promoter Tanki Nyane wants out of IC: Local hip hop pinned down, weathered posters of emcees competing with indie rockers, people strolling down Clinton Street on their iPods listening to Animosity and his future brethren. Nyane wants to clog the Iowa rhyme drain, build a scene worth cultivating, drop “Iowa” and “hip hop” […]

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Best Of, Schmest of, Part Deux

BEST FORMER ROCK & ROLLER LIVING MORE OR LESS QUIETLY IN IOWA CITY: Pete Balestrieri Pete Balestrieri was a mainstay of the rotating assembly of musicians known as the Horns of Dilemma, who the Violent Femmes used to add a generous portion of crazy to their live shows, and he appears on several of their […]

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