The Broccoli Beat: Is it time to retire the word ‘marijuana’?

There are literally hundreds of words one may use to describe their favorite THC-packing plant, but the default name for decades — used by both stoners and anti-cannabis legislators — has been “marijuana.” The first official English-language appearance of the word, which is Mexican Spanish in origin, seems to be in H.H. Bancroft’s 1874 ethnography […]

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The Broccoli Beat: 4/20-friendly biscuits

April 20th, also written and known as 4/20, is just around the corner. Cannabis enthusiasts often celebrate this date by smoking or otherwise consuming more of the plant than they normally would. If you’re such a person and have scheduled a trip to a state where it’s legal, you may want to consider giving this […]

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The Broccoli Beat: What’s in a bud?

People have used cannabis in a wide variety of forms and for many different reasons over the course of thousands of years, whether to treat anxiety and depression in ancient India, or enhance a Sleep concert in modern Middle America. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century, though, that researchers began to isolate and identify the […]

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