Iowa church wages four-year fight with IRS over hallucinogenic drug ceremonies

An Iowa-based church that allegedly charges members up to $800 to use a hallucinogenic drug in religious ceremonies is continuing to pursue a four-year battle to win tax-exempt status. Last year, the Iowaska Church of Healing sued the IRS in […]

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State income tax deadline pushed back to June, most 2020 unemployment benefits will be exempt from taxes

Iowans now have until June 1 to file their state personal income taxes returns. Iowa Department of Revenue (DOR) Director Kraig Paulsen signed an order extending the state tax deadline on Monday. That extension applies only to individual income tax […]

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Grassley clarifies his comment about average Americans spending ‘every darn penny’ on ‘booze or women or movies’

Chuck Grassley

Sen. Chuck Grassley issued a statement on Monday intended to clarify his recent defense of repealing the estate tax as a way of rewarding people who don’t spend “every darn penny they have” on “booze or women or movies.” Grassley’s defense of the estate tax caused a firestorm on social media over the weekend, with people accusing the senator of being out of touch with reality.

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UI grad students rally against a Republican tax bill that might make college unaffordable

A rally on the University of Iowa Pentacrest protesting the federal tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives attracted a crowd of about 60 on Wednesday. The crowd was mostly graduate students, which wasn’t surprising, since the change would drastically increase the amount of taxes grad students pay. […]

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