William Shatner on showing horses, his upcoming Christmas album and chasing opportunity

It was 52 years ago this month that a scrappy, upstart little sci-fi program premiered on NBC. In the captain’s chair of the NCC-1701, also known as the USS Enterprise, sat a Canadian, classically trained Shakespearean actor with only a few films, a couple of Broadway credits and a handful of one-off television spots to his name stateside. He was well-reviewed but hardly a household name. […]

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Star Trek historians headline the 34th Trekfest in Riverside

We’re roughly 215 years out from the birth of James T. Kirk in Riverside, Iowa, and the town’s present-day residents (and traveling Star Trek fans) continue to celebrate the future occasion with their annual Trekfest. The 34th festival will take place this weekend, with events beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, June 29, and running late into the evening on Saturday, June 30. […]

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