Louise Bock’s intense dreamscapes

Saturday, May 4 will bring vocalist and instrumentalist Louise Bock to Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City as part of the Feed Me Weird Things listening series. Bock’s unique take on song structure and multi-instrumentality allow her to create soundscapes that are intensely layered. […]

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Interview: A chat with curator Chris Wiersema ahead of the Tuesday kickoff of Feed Me Weird Things

Feed Me Weird Things is the newest curation effort of Chris Wiersema, the soft-spoken but large-bearded part of Witching Hour and Mission Creek responsible for keeping Iowa City immersed in unusual sounds from around the world. Wiersema organized this series in terms of volumes and episodes, and each installment promises to be a unique event, with an emphasis on range rather than continuity (see full lineup below). […]

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