Report: CBS 2, Fox 28 and other Sinclair stations will broadcast news promos echoing Trump talking points

Sinclair Broadcasting Group television stations, including KGAN (CBS 2) and KXFA (Fox 28), will be running promotional spots for their news broadcasts later this money that denounce other networks for reporting “fake news,” CNN reported on Tuesday. […]

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Obscure change in federal regulations may have big impact on local TV news in Iowa, and make the news more pro-Trump

On Tuesday, the Federal Communication Commission voted to eliminate a 77 year-old rule intended to ensure TV and radio stations serve the needs of their local communities. The vote on the so-called “Main Studio Rule” followed party lines, with all three Republican commissioners voting in favor of killing it, and both Democrats voting to preserve it. […]

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CBS 2 and Fox 28 in Cedar Rapids will start airing more pro-Trump content

Both KGAN (CBS 2) and KXFA (Fox 28) will be increasing the amount of Trump-friendly news commentary they broadcast. Neither station has a choice in the matter. Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the media company that owns one of the Cedar Rapids stations, and operates the other, is mandating the pro-Trump content boost. […]

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