Seeing red and getting called ‘unhinged’: Iowa politics in 2017

Republican took full control of state government in Iowa in 2017, and moved quickly to enact an intensely ideological agenda, making major changes that reduced women’s access to health care, reduced union bargaining rights, expanded access to guns and decreased support for public education. But it was liberals Gov. Kim Reynolds called “unhinged,” at her first campaign fundraiser. Public statements by Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst called in question how well-hinged Iowa’s two U.S. Senators are. Meanwhile in the Iowa State Senate, Senate Majority Leader Bill tried to convince the public there’s no problem with sexual harassment in the Republican caucus (a jury disagreed). The Democratic state Senate caucus, on the other hand, made news by replacing Cedar Rapids Sen. Rob Hogg as its leader, even though Hogg had held the position for less than a year. […]

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Steve King and Chuck Grassley react to latest accusation of a Republican sexually abusing a woman

On Thursday, Rep. Steve King and Sen. Chuck Grassley both reacted to a story published earlier in the day by The Washington Post, which detailed allegations that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually molested a teenage girl. King tweeted something pro-Moore, while Grassley chuckled in response shouted questions from reporters. […]

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Grassley speaks: The senator talks to reporters about the health care bill, but stresses politics over substance

Chuck Grassley

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office didn’t respond to questions from Little Village about the senator’s position on Cassidy-Graham, the Affordable Care Act repeal bill Republicans are rushing through the U.S. Senate, hut Grassley has finally spoken publicly about the bill. He did not, however, directly address how he intends to votes, and from his comments, it’s not clear if Grassley understands what is in the bill. […]

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