Art Show Photos: Jesse Albrecht, UXO (Unexploded Ordinance) Art Show, PS1 – 11/19

I presently catching up on my blogging — there are lots of shows from November that I hope to share with all of you in the next few days (if all goes as planned) so they’re likely to be brief and loaded with photos. Those of you who have read the December Issue of the […]

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Iowa City Weekender – February 20-22

Every once in awhile we like to switch it up a bit on the Weekender—try a little something different. So for this edition, we’re scrapping the daily breakdown for a thematic breakdown. Enjoy! (or hate, as you please) Listenin’ William Elliott Whitmore | The Picador, IC | Saturday, Feb 21, 9pm and Sunday, Feb 22, […]

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