Obama endorses Grassley challenger Patty Judge

Patty Judge

President Barack Obama has formally endorsed former nurse and Lt. Governor Patty Judge (D) in her campaign against incumbent U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R). Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has held his seat in Washington since 1981. In a news release issued Wednesday by the Judge campaign, Obama said, “I’m excited to support Patty […]

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Grassley waits for party to unify behind Trump

This week Sen. Chuck Grassley said he will do all he can to prevent “a third term of an Obama administration,” which is his pet term for another Democratic candidate in the White House after two terms of Barack Obama. In an interview with Iowa Public Radio, he said the Republican Party has “plenty of […]

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Iowa City Weekender: September 7-9

Yes, that is T-Pain’s big silly portrait inviting you to come on in and read the Little Village Weekender column. This week we have hip hop superstars, some local literature, an indie band and oh yeah – the President of the United States. Let’s begin. THURSDAY T-Pain  // Hubbard Park // 8:30 PM // Free […]

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Protesters Gather a Day Before Obama’s Visit

One day before President Barack Obama’s visit to Iowa City, “Stand Up for Freedom” organized a Pentracrest protest in opposition to the recently passed health care reform bill. (Photos and Video)

Obama will arrive in Iowa City this afternoon to discuss the health care reform legislation at the Field House. 750 tickets were distributed to the public earlier this week, although there were several thousand requests.


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