Review: Rock and LOLz at Pitchfork 2010

It has now been three days since the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival wrapped up, and I’m still feeling it. My skin is flaking off, leaving behind a pinkish-red nasty burn, my muscles are sore from standing for hours upon hours, and my urine is still golden due to dehydration.


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Pitch Perfect

The Pitchfork Music Festival, now into its third year, is the best event of its kind happening in America right now. In fact, it is kind of a disservice to call Pitchfork a “music festival”—given the bad connotations associated with the term (drunken idiots, mud and garbage baking in the hot summer sun, ughh). However, […]

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Believe the Hype

When Public Enemy released It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in 1988, it was as if it had landed from another planet. The album came frontloaded with sirens, squeals, and squawks that augmented the chaotic, collage backing tracks over which PE frontman Chuck D laid his politically and poetically radical rhymes. […]

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