Loop, an interactive art exhibit, lights up the Ped Mall

Loop began to light up the Ped Mall on Friday. The interactive art installation combines spinning illustrations and quiet music, all powered by the person viewing the art. The installation features large cylindrical pods that mimic the display of a zoetrope, an early 19th-century precursor of the movies. Zoetropes were tabletop devices containing a loop […]

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Elizabeth Moen and McGuirk rocked the Ped Mall with reflections on pandemic solitude, cowpoke vibes and an ode to ‘Lizzie McGuire’

The first show of the Mission Creek Summer Sessions was a breath of fresh air, if you could manage a full inhale in the withering heat on Thursday evening. Seeing Iowa City poet Sara McGuirk and now Chicago-based musician Elizabeth Moen live, outside, in a dispersed but solid crowd on the Ped Mall was well […]

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‘Going Home’ to the Ped Mall

Over the next few weeks, as you wind through the labyrinth of fences that define the rat maze within the Ped Mall, be sure to stop at the two pop up spaces (designed by Sanjay Jani of AKAR ARchiTecture) and spend a few moments meditating on the meaning of home as mediated by four local architectural firms. […]

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