Letter to the editor: Why the Secretary of State race is important to Iowans with disabilities

It might not seem like the most exciting race, but for Johnson County voters, I’m going to say Secretary of State is the most important contest on the ballot. Democratic candidate Deidre DeJear has called the position she’s running for the “gatekeeper”: The Iowa Secretary of State supervises elections — a big deal in these days of hacking, voter purges and court battles over poll ID laws. Just last year, actually, DeJear’s… […]

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Finkenauer campaign was responsible for text messages sending voters to the wrong polling places

Abby Finkenauer’s congressional campaign was responsible for the text messages containing erroneous information about where to vote in the primary election that were sent to voters in five Iowa counties on Monday and Tuesday, according to the Secretary of State’s office. On Wednesday afternoon, the office issued a press release explaining that a vendor working […]

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