State officials weigh an exception to the Iowa Open Records Act that lets them ignore ‘vexatious requesters’

At its meeting on Thursday, the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) voted to defer a decision on a proposal to ask the legislature to create a new exception to Iowa’s Open Records Act that would allow government agencies to disregard […]

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Iowa Supreme Court rejects Gov. Reynolds’ attempt to have open records lawsuit thrown out

On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court rejected Gov. Kim Reynolds’ attempt to have a lawsuit alleging violations of the state’s Open Record Act dismissed. The justices rejected the governor’s argument that the law’s requirement to respond to requests in a […]

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Gov. Reynolds fails to get Open Records Act lawsuit dismissed; complains about State Auditor doing audits

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ attempt to get a lawsuit over her administration’s failure to comply with Iowa’s Open Records Act dismissed failed on Friday. Polk County District Court Judge Joseph Seidlin rejected the argument by the governor’s attorney that the case […]

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