Downtown Iowa City hotels changing hands

RBD Iowa LLC, owner of the Sheraton hotel in Iowa City, is in the process of negotiating a sale to AJ Capital Partners, owner of Graduate Hotels. The hotel, rebranded as Graduate Iowa City, is expected to be open for business by the summer of 2018. The Sheraton currently runs the neighboring hotelVetro, which will be run by Graduate as well once the sale is complete. […]

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Opinion: The Visual Rhetoric of Public Space

For Laura Rigal, 15-year UI faculty member and professor of English and American Studies, the visual rhetoric of the ads for Park @ 201, the new Moen Group building on the Pedestrian Mall, composes a compelling archive of how Iowa City has been impacted by Anglo-European settlement, federal funding, finance capital, contestations over public space […]

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UR Here: Open Spaces

In the days when prairies stretched from river to river across the expanse of what we now call Iowa, bison disturbance was essential to the health of the ecosystem. As the herds thundered across the grasslands and created wallows—depressions in the ground in which the animals rolled to cover themselves in mud and dirt—like a […]

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