Jim Throgmorton sworn in for second term as Iowa City mayor

Iowa City Mayor Jim Throgmorton was sworn in for a second term on Tuesday, following a vote by the city council during a special early morning session. Asked about his plans for his second term, Throgmorton told Little Village, “I’m completely committed to our council’s shared ambition to forge a more inclusive, just and sustainable city. […]

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Iowa City Council to vote on smoking ban for city parks

The Iowa City Council will vote on a proposed ordinance banning the use of tobacco products in city parks at its Tuesday night meeting. In addition to prohibiting smoking, the measure will also ban the use of smokeless tobacco. And because of an existing city regulation, if smoking in parks is banned, vaping in parks will also be automatically banned. […]

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Iowa City Mayor Throgmorton checks in on the ‘State of the City’

Iowa City Major Jim Throgmorton outlined plans to “foster a more inclusive, just and sustainable city” in the annual State of the City speech delivered during Tuesday’s Iowa City Council meeting. The speech addressed the progress Iowa City made and setbacks experienced in 2016 — quoting Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it […]

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