4/20 in 2021: Iowans have come around to cannabis, but state and federal lawmakers are straying from their pot promises

The latest Iowa Poll from the Des Moines Register and Mediacom revealed several areas in which public opinion conflicts with state legislators’ priorities, from passing an anti-abortion amendment to the Iowa Constitution (opposed by 58 percent of respondents) to shortening early voting periods (52 percent were against), to slashing unemployment benefits for laid-off workers (of […]

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Legalize (all of) it! The surprising position on drugs in the platform of the Iowa Democratic Party (Updated)

It’s no longer surprising when a politician comes out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, but it is a little surprising that it’s the official position of the Iowa Democratic Party that all drugs should be legalized. At least that the official position on paper—none of the state party’s leader have actually endorsed taking that step. […]

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Your Town Now: Researching the Denver high

That Denver High

Our recent trip to Denver found businesses open, people shopping, clerks running cash registers without apparent error, public transit running smoothly, restaurants serving food, the weather channel reporting local weather and abstract expressionist works hanging evenly on the walls of the Clyfford Still Museum. In response to the question at the front desk “What brings […]

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