‘This is amazing,’ says mayor as Iowa City Council passes resolution to restructure ICPD and address other demands of the Iowa Freedom Riders

“I’m excited,” Mayor Bruce Teague said at the end of the Iowa City Council’s special formal session on Tuesday night. The almost four-and-a-half-hour meeting followed the city council’s two-hour-long normal formal meeting, and was devoted to developing a plan to […]

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Three candidates will be on the November ballot for two at-large seats on the Iowa City Council

The field of candidates is now set for the Iowa City Council election in November. Incumbents Pauline Taylor, who represents District A, and District C’s John Thomas are both unopposed, and there are three candidates for the two at-large council seats: Megan Alter, Laura Bergus and Janice Weiner. […]

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Letter to the editor: Building heights and the future of development in Riverfront Crossings

Riverfront Crossings District

Iowa City Council’s consideration of a rezoning application for 12 Court St in the Riverfront Crossings District has sparked a kerfuffle about high-rise buildings and the future of development in Iowa City. The debate generally centers on building heights. Whether one supports high-rise buildings — that is, any building over nine stories — is typically framed as an aesthetic preference. […]

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