After 37 years, Bob Dorr will end his IPR rock history show ‘Backtracks’ this month

“Thirty-seven years and four months, but who’s counting?” That’s how long Iowa blues icon Bob Dorr has been hosting his rock and roll history show, Backtracks — a mainstay of Iowa Public Radio’s top-notch music programming. But on New Year’s […]

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Podcast Review: The S(o)uper Bowl, #MeToo and IPR’s ‘Unsettled’

This year’s Super Bowl arrived in a cultural moment where an increasing number of men and women have become thoughtful about the nature of masculinity and how it is represented in culture. One of the best resources I have found that provides tools for thinking through the relationship of how masculinity is celebrated in our culture — and the frequently problematic consequences of doing so — is IPR’s podcast ‘Unsettled: Mapping #MeToo.’ […]

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