Loop, an interactive art exhibit, lights up the Ped Mall

Loop began to light up the Ped Mall on Friday. The interactive art installation combines spinning illustrations and quiet music, all powered by the person viewing the art. The installation features large cylindrical pods that mimic the display of a zoetrope, an early 19th-century precursor of the movies. Zoetropes were tabletop devices containing a loop […]

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Designing a playground for all in Iowa City

It’s been just over a year now since the Department of Justice reached a settlement agreement with the Iowa City Community School District over the dozen playgrounds that failed to meet ADA requirements. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (which turned 30 just last year) provides that “no qualified individual with a disability […]

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Iowa City Ped Mall shooting leaves one injured

Ped Mall

One man was arrested following a shooting that injured one person in the downtown Iowa City Ped Mall around bar close Sunday morning. Around 1:58 a.m., an Iowa City Police officer saw people running near the intersection of Burlington and Clinton Streets. Police said there appeared to have been an altercation and learned that at […]

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