Iowa City Council rezones Northside property despite concerns about building height, senior housing

Following news during the Tuesday Iowa City Council meeting that designated senior housing would no longer be possible at a planned multi-use building on the corner of Linn and Market streets, city council members nearly denied rezoning the plot. The council ultimately approved the change in a 4 to 3 vote, with Rockne Cole, Pauline Taylor and John Thomas voting no. Mayor Jim Throgmorton changed his previous vote from no to yes, tipping the balance in favor of approval. […]

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Current construction on Park Road nearing completion, prepping way for future bridge project

A segment of the construction planned for Park Road bridge and Dubuque Street is nearing completion, which will allow the next leg of the project to begin. The overall purpose of the project is the elevation of the current road, as well as the installation of a new bridge connecting Park Road with Dubuque Street. […]

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