Sara Paretsky named 4th annual Paul Engle Prize winner

Sara Paretsky, feminist author of the acclaimed bestselling V.I. Warshawski mystery series, has been named the the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature’s fourth Paul Engle Prize winner. Following the announcement, Paretsky, who was born in Ames, Iowa, said, “We all have one or two fundamental questions about life—about our own lives—that we keep returning […]

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Iowa City Readings and Events: July 23-26

Kind salutations to the readers, writers, critics and the simply-just-interested-in-books of Iowa City. Being in the wake of the Iowa City Book Festival we may assume that our weekly ration of literary readings and seminars has been exhausted, but – to our great pleasure – that is not the case. I’ll highlight a handful of […]

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Iowa City Weekender: July 12-15

Before we walk through our usual day by day outline, there are a couple big, weekend long items to cover. For these I must refer you to their respective websites because these events have simply too much to cover in this short column. This weekend is Camp Euforia, a two day music festival/camp out which […]

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