Five questions with: David Wain

Green Gravel’s Lee Keeler says that they “enjoy the freedom to pop up with something unexpected, bombastic and dynamic” — and this week, they’re doing just that, as they bring David Wain to Des Moines for Wet Hot American Election at the Stoner Theater, Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. […]

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‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ is uncomfortable in all the right ways

Riverside Theater opened its production of Circle Mirror Transformation last weekend, with Angie Toomsen directing. The piece takes place in an acting studio where a rather dysfunctional group of amateur students has gathered. One of the students, James (Tad Paulsen) is married to teacher (Nina Swanson), the revelation of which sets the tone for what is to be a play that is funny on the surface but extremely uncomfortable underneath. […]

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‘Liberal redneck’ Trae Crowder checks in on politics and comedy ahead of his Iowa City Book Festival appearance

On Oct. 11, the Iowa City Book Festival brings Trae Crowder to town (the Liberal Redneck of YouTube fame). Crowder, along with Corey Ryan Forrester and Dean Morgan, will be performing at the Englert as part of their wellRED: From Dixie With Love​ tour. The show starts at 8 p.m.; tickets are $27. All proceeds will benefit the ACLU of Iowa. […]

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‘Shakespeare Behind Bars’ kicked off the Obermann Center’s weekend reentry conference

On Thursday, the Obermann Center kicked off a weekend of workshops regarding education in prisons with a screening of the documentary Shakespeare Behind Bars. The conference is entitled “The Role of Transformative Education for Successful Reentry” and brings together experts who are working with prison populations to create a more humane and effective system. […]

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Megan Gogerty breaks type to become more herself

Megan Gogerty knows there’s power in comedy — that what is dressed up as a bit of tomfoolery can in fact be quite conscious, insightful or even subversive. Of course, she ought to know this: She teaches the stuff. But one doesn’t expect her to state it so boldly, to give the secret away, out […]

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Riverside Theatre boldly embraces a divisive conversation with season opener ‘Black and Blue’

Black and Blue Riverside Theatre — through Sept. 25 The conversation about race and police brutality in our country has, in recent years, become about as divisive and vicious as such a thing can get. At public protests, on personal Facebook feeds, and in the comments sections on news articles, people continue to speak — […]

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Experience Shakespeare in video game form with Play the Knave, part of the UI First Folio! activities

Play the Knave Game Installation University of Iowa Main Library — Wednesday, Sept. 7 at noon Videogame Shakespeare: Collaboration and Creativity in Play the Knave University of Iowa 109 EPB — Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. “Alright, class—we’re going to read Shakespeare.” Most English teachers have said these words; the more jaded ones brace […]

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Shakespeare’s First Folio to showcase at University of Iowa Main Library this fall

First Folio

Shakespeare: You’ve probably heard of him. You most likely had to read his work in high school or college. You’ve doubtless seen a film, or live performance, or modern adaptation, of one of his famous plays. If I told you he was the be-all and end-all of English literature, and sent you on a wild […]

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Chance Kirchhof of Critical Hit Games talks running a community-focused gaming store

Critical Hit Games is an Iowa City gaming store founded with the mission of being a gaming store with a community focus. I’ve been visiting pretty regularly since I first moved to the area a few years ago, and find it to be a great place to game in a fun and open environment. People […]

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Riverside Theatre to transition interim artistic director

Riverside Theatre

Riverside Theatre has announced that its recently appointed artistic director, Sam Osheroff, is stepping down after a single season. Sean Lewis will take his place, serving as interim artistic director. Sam Osheroff took over as Artistic Director last summer when founders Ron Clark and Jody Hovland stepped down from active leadership roles. His wife, actor […]

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Melodrama and swashbuckling dovetail in Riverside’s ‘Fair Maid of the West’

Fair Maid of the West at Riverside Theatre

Riverside Theatre presents: Fair Maid of the West Lower City Park Festival Stage — through July 10 Last week, Riverside Theatre returned to Lower City Park with Pericles, a Shakespearean adventure rife with love, loss and improbable reunions. This weekend marks the opening of Thomas Heywood’s Fair Maid of the West, which echoes Pericles in […]

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Riverside Theatre returns, triumphant, to Lower City Park, with ‘Pericles’

Pericles at Riverside Theatre

Riverside Theatre presents: Pericles, Prince of Tyre Lower City Park Festival Stage — through July 7 School’s been out for a couple weeks, and the temperatures have long since surpassed a comfortable range, but it feels like it’s never really summer in Iowa City until we can partake of what has become a tradition — […]

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